What is better, a Dyson or a Bissell?

Shop at a store, and you'll find all kinds of vacuums.

Many are cheaply made plastic artworks, but some will stay with you for many years.

It's sometimes hard to tell the good from the bad, but buying from particular brands can guarantee that the kind of vacuum you end up with will be a great investment.

And investment they can be since vacuum prices can climb pretty high.

Truth be told, vacuums should perform well for you even when you don't expect them to, such as in the chance that you haven't cleaned out the inside for a long time.

Bissell and Dyson are two such brands commonly found by consumers to be among the best in the game.

They both earn praise for units of all kinds, including uprights, cordless cleaners, and more automatic prototypes capable of moving themselves, such as robot vacuums.

Have you compared the two brands, or are you torn between one of the models featured by the two?

There's a lot of vacuum cleaners to choose from with Dyson and Bissell.

They're both esteemed organizations that know and sell vacuums.

Each has earned awards for its models and exhibit features that most consumers can get behind.

Below is a look into how they compare against one another and whether one brand is recommended over the next, or even if one model between them is better.

You can refer to this as you shop, or help others that you know are looking for a vacuum made from one of the companies but want something else to stack it up against before making a final purchase.

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The range of Bissell and Dyson vacuums is very good. They each produce enough vacuums to cover most classifications.

Vacuum ranges are split between things like upright vacuums and cordless models.

Observe the primary vacuum cleaners made by each brand. Some of them you may be familiar with already.

If so, look for one that's similar in size and features to the other company.

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Top Dyson Vacuums

The Dyson V6

For some, the Dyson V6 will carry enough good things for them to make it first on their list of potential purchases.

It is great for small apartments and homes, or personal use in individual rooms.

However, don't use it when planning on cleaning up areas that are larger than your bedroom.

For that, there are other more capable vacuum cleaners made by Dyson.

Still, there's enough battery power and durability for you to try it out, maybe even as a vacuum that you take with you to clean your vehicle.

Dyson V6

This Dyson Vacuum cleaner is a stick vacuum ideal for use in smaller households given its size and nimble design.

It also has a running time of about 20 minutes on a full charge in its normal setting, which is only adequate for use in small spaces.

Dyson V7

The Dyson V7 can be described as a vacuum cleaner that's classified as a handheld.

There are two modes featured with the cleaner for you to pick.

These are low and maximum settings that will each run for about 30 minutes on a full battery.

It's more advanced than the V6. Most Dyson upgrades with each number, so expect more features and better settings and the number gets higher.

Still, the suction power and maneuverability for this model are great and require little upkeep.

Dyson V8

Dyson's V8 is another cordless vacuum cleaner. Some debate it as the stronger portable cleaners sold to consumers at the price that it retail for.

The time that it'll run without you needing to recharge is about 40 minutes on the low setting.

If you increase the suction power, your runtime lowers to about 20 or 30 minutes.

This handheld vacuum cleaner also has a HEPA filter built inside, one that traps in dust well and keeps all the bad maladies out when you clean.

This can filter the air in small amounts, though not to a noticeable point that you would have with large cleaners.

Dyson V10

Is there anything negative to say about the V10? Hardly. It has decent suction for its size and performs great as a handheld cleaner.

There's a lot of options for modes that you can select, boosting or lowering the air watts that you need to keep the motor moving fast enough to generate suction.

The operating time is about one hour at its lowest speed setting, and 30 minutes at its highest.

Dyson V11

The Dyson V11 is nearly double as strong as the V8. More suction power, slightly longer battery life that lasts longer on the high setting.

Use the V11 on your carpets, floors, or hard surfaces, it makes no difference.

The run time of the vacuum is about one hour, significantly more than the V10 model.

The V11 has three models for you to clean with, one is green-friendly and reduces the carpet footprint of the machine, running the motor at a slower pace that helps you get more out of the battery.

Top Bissell Vacuums

Now, look at these well-known Bissell models.

Bissell Proheat 2X

The Proheat 2X is strictly an upright vacuum, one that can wash your carpets and vacuum up the dirt.

It doesn't rely on bags to store the debris, either. Instead, there's container storage for what ends up inside.

This has many advantages.

The first is that you can avoid having to dispose of messy bags like machines that do have containers. The Pro Heat is best for people with carpets and many rugs on their floors.

Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro

More and more people are seeking out vacuum cleaners that cater to pet cleanup.

This isn't anything surprising in the least. Pet odors can be strong and instantly noticeable when entering a room or home that hasn't done much to eliminate the smell.

It permeates everywhere in such a place, to the point of triggering allergic reactions in some people.

It's easy to move around and scoops up pet hair and other shredded material from dogs and cats that may not be seen by you.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser

Not everyone wants or needs large, bulky vacuum cleaners that serve more as an interior design statement than anything else.

For these people, the Pet Hair Eraser is well suited for the needs of their home, especially when pets are of concern.

As much as you may love your dog or cats, you don't like that odor that they can potentially create.

There are ways to combat and eliminate odors with vacuum cleaners now, such is possible with this unit.

Performance is high with this model and you'll get it to remove things from your carpets that you didn't know were in existence, conspicuously seen in the debris containers after the work's complete.

Bissell Steam Mop

The Bissell Steam Mop has what it takes to clean your floors with a wet mechanism. There's a water tank on the inside.

But even with this, the design is very lightweight. You could easily pick it up with one hand and carry it around anywhere in your home.

Refilling is a breeze. Since this is a wired model, you'll have to rely on AC power to vacuum and clean.

But things won't get in your way when doing this since the cord is very long and travels some distance away from where you plug it in.

Bissell Spinwave

The Spinwave is the kind of vacuum unit that you'll love having around in a situation where mopping is needed as much as vacuuming.

The water tank to do this comes off of the machine's primary body.

Speaking of which, it holds nearly 30 ounces of water. You can add hot water to the mix if you like, which helps carpets come out a lot cleaner and pick up more bacteria than cold water.

The cord is very long, measuring over 20 feet in total length.

Dyson Vacuums vs. Bissell Vacuums Comparisons

Here are some additional comparisons for Bissell and Dyson products.

Bissell Proheat 2X vs. Dyson V7

Having already mentioned these, the Dyson works as a handheld vacuum cleaner.

The Bissell Proheat 2X is a vacuum cleaner and washer, or shampooer.

They each have great suction power and are very easy to use.

This Dyson model has more overall features than Bissell, so it might be worth your while to go with it first unless you want something that can specifically wash instead of vacuum.

The Dyson is also a bit more expensive than the 2X. At least with this model, Bissell is much easier for people that are looking for a bargain in your new cleaner.

But if you have the funds to use something a bit more than the 2X, The V7 is the way to go.

Dyson V8 vs. The Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro

Bissell's Crosswave Pet Pro easily wins that comparison. The Dyson V8 simply has less suction power than its rival.

It's gauged at 114 air watts to Bissell's 180. Furthermore, you'll probably experience fewer issues with controlling the Bissell than you would Dyson, at least for these models.

Bissell is also more affordable than Dyson here, so choosing it over Dyson when they're stuck is easy to do.

This isn't to say that the Dyson V8 isn't a good machine, just that it's not as recommended over the Pet Pro.

The Dyson V11 vs. the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser

Dyson's V11 and Bissell's Eraser are both good for pets. But the Dyson wins here, hands down.

It's an upright vacuum that outputs great suction and control no matter what kind of surface you roll it on.

That's a good thing too since the V11 is geared toward picking up debris from spaces that you can't reach very well.

Pet hair and its odors will be eliminated with both models, so there's nothing to worry about Bissell having a lack of features in this area.

They both will reduce smell and make wherever you use them less prone to odor, both from humans and pets.

Dyson V10 vs. the Bissell Steam Mop

Dyson's V10 is about the same as the V11, which can both be compared to Bissell's Steam Mop.

It's an electronically-controlled mop and that's priced at a fair cost. Functionally easy to use, you won't have any trouble getting the machine to sanitize your floors.

Using it is easy and fast, so much that you may even surprise yourself with how fast you finish your cleaning sessions.

Dyson V6 vs. Bissell Spinwave

Dyson V6 is similar to the Bissell Spinwave in certain areas but very different in others.

The differences include its control.

Dyson V6 is best for vacuuming whereas the Spinwave serves as a wet floor cleaner.

Both are equally priced at good rates. Still, it might be hard for you to find the Spinwave, depending on where you shop.

You can find it online, but it might not be available where other Bissell products are sold. Dyson's are more likely to be in abundance, regardless of where you shop.


The price of a Dyson and Bissell is sometimes the same, but not for all similar models.

For those that are higher in price, it'll probably be one made by Dyson. Bissell can be cheaper to find and retail with better discounts and promotions.

It's a brand for the bargain hunter, but Dyson isn't. Cost isn't always reflective of performance though, so don't let price lull you into believing that one product by Dyson that's similar to a Bissell will offer way more than its rival.

With this being said, it's not uncommon to find Dysons that are hundreds of dollars more expensive than Bissell.

Based on the models that you want and your budget, you can decide if the Dyson would be worth the investment over the savings of a Bissell.

Battery Life

Battery life is very important to consider when looking into a cordless vacuum.

Some of Dyson and Bissell's cordless models are very different from the next, even when comparing cordless models within the brand alone.

As a rule of thumb, you can average out the battery life of both a Bissell and Dyson to be about 30 minutes apiece. There are obvious exceptions to this.

Some Dyson and Bissell cleaners, for example, will have different air watt settings that let you control how much power the motor needs to run.

If you choose a low setting, then you'll get longer battery life. You can raise your battery time to double the average. totaling one hour in some cases.

Bissell and Dyson cordless vacuums and cleaners up lithium-ion batteries, which are known to regenerate after about two or three years.

To replace yours, you can go through either company's website or purchase one separately.

But to be safe from malfunction, it's best to use a lithium-ion that the company recommends.

Dust Bin

Bissell and Dyson vacuums and cleaners come with dust bins for you to hold the debris that you pick up with the units.

Dyson dust bins range from 0.4 liters at the lowest to about one liter for the largest models.

Bissell vacuums will hold varied sizes, too. But the lowest to the highest range is about a half a liter to nearly four liters on large Bissell cleaners.


Bissell filters can last you for a while, to the point where you won't have to worry about a replacement for months to come.

When you do replace one, you should choose the HEPA filter that's recommended or made by the company.

Bissell filters will last about six months with continuous usage.

Therefore, you should expect yours to go for half a year to a year max. The company strongly recommends that you use only OEM filters for their vacuums.

Probably may arise with filtration if you don't.

If new warranty stipulations are common, you could potentially void the warranty for the machine by doing this.

Taking out and adding new filters to your Dyson and Bissell ensures that the performance of your machine will stay on point.

Plus, it is the lowest number of particulates that come from the machine.

When dust and debris enter your Bissell and Dyson vacuums, it immediately goes to the filter area, where the fine particles cling to the filter while larger debris moves to a different suction.

You'll also cut back on airborne pathogens and reduce mold-causing fungal spores in the air that you breathe.

Dyson's filters will last about a year, as suggested by the company itself when their products are run for half a day, on average.

That's pretty strong, so it easily wins over Bissell here.

Remember that the average household won't run a vacuum for 12 years every day, so your Dyson's filtration will probably go for much longer before a replacement is considered.


Bissell has a two-year warranty on most of its products. They will replace or refurbish products purchased by their customers within this period without them having to pay anything.

If you buy a Bissell and break the wheel or one of the attachments, you can call them up to have parts sent out to you.

For more severe damages, a total replacement might be necessary. So long as you're within the two years, Bissell won't ask for any payment from you.

Dyson also has two-year warranty plans. This extends to their cordless vacuums and alternative products built by the company.

However, for certain products, you could get a five-year warranty plan or have it increase to this amount. The five-year warranty comes pre-included for corded vacuums made by Dyson.


Take a look at some of the features of Dyson and Bissell vacuum cleaners.

Dyson vacuums like the Ball Animal 2 will scan your floors and set up a track for them to clean.

The Big Ball Multi Floor cleaner has cleaning perks that automatically adjust the position of the vacuum if it falls to the floor during use. This is used fully for people that are disabled.

Bissell has great attachments with their vacuums. Some of these include crevice wands and brushes for detailing upholstery.

Dyson has them too, however. They'll help you reach parts of your floor that you can't see or reach.

Bissell has moles that are great for getting rid of pet hair, as previously shown. So does Dyson, though pet hair isn't always the specific thing that Dyson's are purchased for.

Dyson is a leader in vacuums with a cyclone spinning technique.

There's also a feature known as Radial Root Technology in some models, such as the upright vacuums.

This will self-clean the interior and make things easier for you to remove debris from the container when you're done.

The cyclonic feature also strips away dust and other allergens from the air that's taken in. Nothing but clean air comes from the vents as a result, making the air much fresher around the vicinity that you vacuum.

Bissell, on the other hand, has well-engineered vacuum cleaners that are thoroughly tested for faults before they ever retail to you.

They offer upright vacuums, sweepers, and canister vacuums.

When customers need assistance in getting their cleaner set up, they can call or speak with someone online for help. This service is provided during and after the warranty has expired.

Final Verdict

Dysons tend to cost more than Bissell, so know this before looking further into them.

Bissell is cheaper but their warranty policy is shorter. Dyson has a two-year policy as Bissell does, but not with all models.

Some extend up to five years for the machines running on AC power.

To summarize, choose Dyson for performance and sustainability but Bissell when the price is a concern. They're also great for people with pets!

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