Our Goal: Modernize the Cleaning Industry

We’re on a mission to sweep cleaning into the 21st century

The Cleango Mission

Cleaning is a $400+ billion industry and there’s a good reason why. Research shows that people are happier and more productive when their living spaces and work spaces are sterile, clean and free from dust and dirt. Makes sense!

The problem is that the cleaning industry is still fairly similar to how it’s been for the last 20 years. Most cleaning companies use outdated products and outdated technology that isn’t customer-focused or built to provide a seamless, end-to-end experience.

That’s where Cleango comes in. We’re the modern cleaning services solution, combining intuitive technology and exceptional customer service with a network of highly-vetted professional partners to provide offices and homes across the country with the best cleaning experiences possible.

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Our Core Values

Be a Mensch
We value integrity, morality, dignity, and a sense of responsibility. We strive to be good people and stewards of the world.
Keep Growing
We believe that growth is an ongoing process. Whether it's the growth of our business, our well-being, or our community, we aim to be better today than we were yesterday.
Always Adapt
Change is constant, and we are always looking for new ways to improve. We keep an open mind and a willing spirit to adapt to new situations and try different solutions.
Celebrate Successes
We celebrate all the things, big and small — internal wins, happy customers, good reviews, employee successes, and any other kind of good news.
Stay Positive
We believe in maintaining a positive "can-do" attitude, no matter the challenges we face. Positive energy is a core part of who we are, and our customers can feel it.

Our Story

The Beginning

In 2013, Roman Peysakhovich grew frustrated with the subpar cleaning services he encountered in his hometown, Minneapolis, and decided to launch Maid Masters.Maid Masters quickly gained local recognition for its commitment to excellence. With a vision to provide customized, high-value, and top-tier cleaning services, Roman realized that he could offer even more to his Maid Masters clients. Eventually, the company decided to expand and evolved into Onedesk.

Expanding Our Services

The evolution from Maid Masters to Onedesk allowed the company to offer more than just cleaning services. We introduced additional offerings including renovation and handyman services, which catered to a wider range of clients.

We also prioritized forging partnerships with the best professionals in the industry and investing in our technology to enhance our booking and management experience. 

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, there was a greater demand for trustworthy, high-quality cleaning services and we made the strategic decision to refocus on exclusively cleaning. Thus, Cleango was created.

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Passion + Innovation: The Secret Behind Cleango’s Success

Our rebranding to Cleango signifies our commitment and everlasting passion for delivering exceptional cleaning services. From our modest beginnings, we’ve proudly grown into a nationally recognized leader in the industry, driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Our Team

Martina Mordini
Project Manager
Rosario Gacayan
Business development
Dominique Nazareno
Director of Customer Success
Steven Kuo
Nina Gattoni
Angel Grey
Alona Perez
Director of Finance
Cristina Sanchez
Customer success
Daniela Jimenez
Sales specialist
Shaz Khan
Chloe Serrano
Director of Residential
Roman Peysakhovich

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Cleaning of houses, apartments and other private facilities

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