Read on to learn the best methods for how to clean a mop.

A dirty mop that hasn’t been cleaned will just move dirt and bacteria around your house.

What's worse?

It won't properly clean the floors.

However, if you learn how to clean a mop, you’ll be able to clean floors with a mop in no time.

In this actionable guide, you'll learn how to:

  • Clean a mop
  • Clean a mop head
  • Clean a string mop
  • And more

Let’s get started.

Here’s a video of how to properly clean a mop.

How To Clean Your Mop

  1. Fill a bucket up halfway with hot water, then get a bottle of dish soap and bleach.
  2. Stick your mop inside the bucket while spinning the mop quickly and hitting the bottom of the bucket to thoroughly remove the germs
  3. Wring out the mop and get a fresh bucket of water, then disinfect the mop and kill the bacteria with bleach
  4. Fill the bucket up with hot water and spray a good amount of bleach inside the bucket
  5. Stick the mop inside the bucket and leave it inside for 30 minutes, after 30 minutes repeat Steps 4 and 5
  6. Dump out the water in the bucket and replace with clean water, then rinse the mop out in the clean and clear water
  7. Now that the mop is clean, let it hang dry. Finally, mop your floors with your freshly cleaned mop
how to clean a dirty mop

What To Know When Cleaning A Mop

  1. Don’t leave a mop soaking for too long. This can lead to mold and bacteria growth because of the warmth and moisture.
  2. Ensure the mop is fully dry before storing it. The mop will get moldy if it is placed in a warm area when wet
  3. Make sure the mop is inaccessible to children when you soak it in bleach
  4. Before using a brand new mop head, soak it in cool water. This will get rid of the manufacturer coating which makes the mop head less absorbent. 
  5. You should also wring out a brand new mop head and empty the water. 
  6. Use different colored mop heads for different jobs. 
  7. Never leave a mop sitting in water overnight. Doing so will result in weakened mop fibers and bacteria growth
string mop cleaning hard wood floor

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my mop white again?

  1. Clean your mop after every use
  2. Rinse out the mop until the water is clear
  3. Place the mop in a bucket with hot water and bleach (or vinegar)
  4. Let your mop soak for 30 minutes
  5. Rinse again
  6. Hang the mop up to dry

How do you clean a mop with vinegar?

To clean a mop with vinegar, rinse out a bucket and fill it with hot water. Get the water as hot as possible.

If you add some white vinegar into the bucket of water, it will help to remove any grease or oils from your mop. Then, soak your mop in the vinegar solution for 5 minutes. Finally, rinse the mop head until the water is clear. 

How often should you wash mop heads?

You should wash mop heads regularly. This helps to keep your mop clean without dirt and germs.

Machine washing your mop helps to keep the mop threads from being broken down by chemicals. It can also help to prevent mold growth on your mop.

How do you clean a dirty floor?

  1. Sweep or vacuum the floor
  2. Dilute a cleaner with warm water 
  3. Gently mop over the floor
  4. Always use clean water
  5. Immediately dry the floor with a soft and clean cloth

Can you mop with just water?

Yes, you can mop with just water. Using a steam mop can help speed up this process.

Where do you dump dirty mop water?

Dump dirty mop water into a toilet or down your shower drain. Don't dump dirty mop water into a sink where you wash your hands or brush your teeth.

Dirty mop water is full of dirt and germs that should be dumped out somewhere away from commonly used sinks. 

Does mopping actually clean?

Yes, mopping does actually clean. A common mopping concern is whether or not it is effective.

A clean mop and an effective mopping routine will effectively remove grime and germs from floors. 

A tool we recommend using to clean dirty floors is a vacuum mop combo. Vacuum mops make cleaning even the dirtiest floors a breeze.

Why are my floors still dirty after I mop?

  1. You forget to rinse out your mop pad, resulting in a fully saturated and dirty mop pad
  2. Thinking that having a very wet mop means you’ll have a very clean floor

Can vinegar clean floors?

Yes, vinegar is a great cleaner to tackle dirt on hard-surface floors. This includes tile, laminate, and wood. 

A Clean Mop Leads To A Cleaner House

Just a little extra mop maintenance can go a long way. You’ll go from cleaning your dirty floors with a dirty mop, to cleaning your dirty floors with a clean mop. 

Not only will your floors have less germs and dirt, your mop will too.

In this guide, you’ve learned how to clean your mop, why you must not only clean with your mop, but clean the mop itself, and how to use your mop to keep your dirty floors clean. 

If you’re looking for reviews on cleaning products that powerfully clean floors, here’s a list of reviews we wrote to help you easily pick the right cleaners for your cleaning needs.

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