Managing all the units in an apartment building can be complicated and stressful, but so is managing the common areas and other parts of the building! If you are managing a large apartment complex, there is a lot of space to clean from the floors and carpets to surfaces and bathrooms.

Here is a guide to keep your apartment building in the best shape possible!

We also have written an "apartment cleaning checklist" that should help you know what to clean in an apartment.

Recurring Cleaning

The biggest mistake an apartment complex can make is letting the common areas get dirty by not investing is recurring cleaning services. A clean space is vital to maintain a reputable image. The common areas of your space will decline quickly in cleanliness if they are not getting some good scrubbing, especially if you have snow-filled winters! All the foot traffic brings in dirt that over time will take a toll on your hallways, elevators, and lounging areas. The easiest way to avoid this is to have a service that comes out on a recurring schedule ranging from daily to weekly.

Floors and Carpets

Dirty floors and carpets are inevitable. However, it is unacceptable to walk into an apartment building with sticky and dirty floors and carpets. Continuously uncleaned floors and carpets will have to be replaced much sooner and will cost you more money in the long run. Floors need to be waxed and polished and have all the stains removed. Carpets need vacuuming and stain removal shampooing services as well. Dirty floors and carpets will chase your new tenants away! Hiring a professional carpet cleaning service will ensure your apartment lands a stellar first impression!

Window Cleaning

You may expect your tenants to keep the inside of the windows clean with basic supplies, but it is also important for you to keep the outside maintained as well. Windows tend to get dirty around the season changes. The exterior windows your apartment complex should be cleaned professionally at least twice per year. Clean windows allow more natural light into your buildings common area, which will reduce the amount of lights needed to be on and provides an overall cleanliness feel to the atmosphere.


Investing in the right software is the smartest and easiest way to manage your buildings needs. A good software platform will allow you to easily request any cleaning services and have the best local providers already on the platform. Being able to quickly chat with your service provider is a must-have feature since everyone uses different forms of communication. This will allow you to chat within the platform with all of your cleaners, regardless of the cleaning type. A good platform will also allow you to send billing information quickly and access and manage billing. The more automation a software helps you with, the easier it will be for you to perform duties while keeping your apartment spotless.

How Onedesk's Platform Can Help You

Services Market

Onedesk makes it incredibly easily to book all the services you need for your apartment building. From recurring cleaning services to carpet and window cleaning – booking services is one click away. Gone are the days of googling different vendors for different types of services and wasting time vetting them.

Effortless Communication

Whether it's your daily cleaners or the carpet cleaners, easily chat with everyone through Onedesk's chat function. Your dedicated Onedesk operator will be able to assist you with any schedule changes as well as quickly provide any answers regarding your buildings cleanings.


Forget about managing payments for 5 different vendors and trying to keep up with each companies terms and payment methods. Access your billing tab to add a credit card to pay for services or use your preferred payment method. Head over to the invoices section to see all your previous months services compiled into one simple invoice.

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