Are you looking to learn how to vacuum your home like a pro?

Vacuuming is a chore that you probably don’t enjoy doing, but is critical to having a clean environment.

If you learn the proper vacuuming techniques and how to efficiently vacuum and clean, it’ll become a habit more than a chore. 

So, if you’re looking for simple techniques on how to vacuum, then this guide is for you.

Let’s get started.

How To Use & Operate A Vacuum Cleaner

The Right Way To Vacuum Your Carpet

Many people are familiar with the concept of using a vacuum to remove dust, dirt, and debris from carpets. To make sure you take care of your carpet, use the tips below to keep your carpets looking their best.

Choose The Best Vacuum Cleaner

Choosing the right vacuum is difficult, since there are so many different vacuum cleaners available on the market.

How do you know which one is right for you? To help get you started, here are the most popular vacuum types:

  1. Upright Vacuums
  2. Lightweight Vacuums
  3. Commercial Vacuums
  4. HEPA Vacuums
  5. Vacuums For Tile Floors
  6. Vacuums For Vinyl Plank Floors
  7. Vacuums For Wool Carpet
  8. Vacuums For Apartments
  9. Vacuums For Hardwood Floors

You should also consider checking with your carpet manufacturer to see if there are certain recommended vacuums for the carpets you have. 

Vacuuming Tips and Techniques To Use

Before you begin vacuuming, walk in the space you’re about to clean and look for small objects that are too big to be vacuumed up.

This includes small toys, paper clips, pencils. To avoid breaking your vacuum, these items should be picked up by hand. 

1. Move Furniture Out Of The Way

Move any furniture and objects from floors or carpets so you don’t bump into it.

This will also improve the overall clean while you vacuum. For example, never vacuum between the legs of a chair. 

furniture that should be moved before vacuuming

2. Don’t Rush, Take Your Time

As you vacuum, slowly pass the vacuum cleaner back and forth.

When there are so many other chores to do, you might be tempted to move the vacuum across the carpet as quickly as you can. 

However, this makes the process of vacuuming not work as well.

The vacuum doesn’t have enough time to pick up everything in the carpet fibers and won’t be as effective.

3. Reverse The Process 

Repeat the slow and thorough vacuuming process in the opposite direction. If you vacuum in every direction, you’ll ensure a deep and thorough clean. 

4. Empty The Bag When It Gets Full

Be sure to empty the vacuum bag when it gets full.

A vacuum with a full bag will have less suction power and will make your time spent vacuuming less effective.

To keep your vacuum performing its best, don’t let the bag get more than three-quarters full.

Read more: How To Clean A Vacuum Cleaner

5. Use Attachments For Thorough Vacuuming

A majority of vacuums come with hose attachments. These attachments make it easy to vacuum hard-to-reach places.

They improve the overall clean and precisely remove dust, debris, and dirt.

One easy cleaning strategy is to broom carpets and/or floors before you vacuum them to get even more crumbs out of the way before your vacuum starts doing its job.

6. Vacuum Often

How often you vacuum depends on how often and large messes are in your home.

The minimum you should vacuum is once every week. According to, using the right vacuum can make a big difference in reducing your allergies and asthma.

Furthermore, the cdc even says that you can significantly control mold by vacuuming the right way which can prevent negative health effects.

7. Clean Strategically

Before you vacuum a room, dust the room with a duster so you can vacuum up all of the dust particles that float into the air.

This will also reduce the allergens in that room which will result in a cleaner environment.

Here is a video showing 13 expert vacuum cleaning tips that you need to be using:

You should also:

  1. Stick to a cleaning schedule
  2. Carefully clean area rugs
  3. Spot-treat stains with a stain remover
  4. Maintain the vacuum you're using

16 Ways You Can Use Your Vacuum Cleaner

There are so many ways you can use your vacuum cleaner around the home!

1. To clean your computer keyboard

Vacuum out the crumbs and dirt that have collected between the keys.

2. To clean your car seat

Use the hose attachment to vacuum up all of the pet hair, dust, and crumbs that have accumulated.

3. To vacuum out a car engine

Remove the plastic panels on either side of the radiator and attach one end of the hose to a valve located underneath.

Insert a large bucket under where you're going to be vacuuming, and turn it on.

You can even find tutorials online to see exactly how this is done!

4. To pick up pet hair

Use the hose attachment to vacuum away all of that fur from your furniture, rugs, clothes, etc.

5. To clean out a clogged drain pipe

Start by removing any large items or debris blocking the pipe.

Attach the hose to the vacuum cleaner and turn it on, making sure that the suction is set to high.

Slowly move the hose up and down the length of the pipe until the clog has been cleared.

6. To clean your car windows

Use a squeegee attachment to remove all of the water and dirt from your windows.

7. To unblock a sink

Fit the end of the hose over the drain, turn on the vacuum cleaner, and wait until the blockage has been removed.

8. To pick up cat litter on a carpeted floor

Put some baking powder or baby power on top of your kitty's mess before you run over it with the vacuum cleaner.

The powder will help to absorb the moisture and make it easier to clean up.

9. To freshen your carpets

Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the water in the tank before you start vacuuming.

The oil will release a refreshing scent as you move around the house.

10. To clean your curtains

Attach the crevice tool to the hose and vacuum the dust and dirt that has collected.

11. To clean your blinds

Vacuum the top, bottom, back, and front of each slat to get rid of all the hair, lint, crumbs etc.

12. To clean under beds

Use the crevice tool attachment to remove any dirt or dust bunnies hiding underneath!

13. To clean your ceiling fan

Remove the blades and vacuum them off, then vacuum the dust that has collected on the fan itself.

14. To clean your refrigerator coils

Use the crevice tool to get in between the coils and suck up all of the dirt and grime.

15. To clean your oven hood

Attach the hose to the vacuum cleaner and cover the vent with a towel. Turn it on, creating suction which will suck up all of the grease that has built up over time.

16. To clean your television screen

Turn off your TV then wipe down using the soft brush attachment - this is great if you have children running around!

Places To Vacuum More Often

1. Inside Drawers

These areas for storage quickly fill with dust and dirt. Vacuum them frequently, even if they aren’t used frequently.

2. Blinds and Curtains

Dust can also quickly build on blinds and curtains. This dust can circulate because of the position next to the window. This can potentially be bad for people with respiratory problems.

To solve this potential problem, just use a dusting tool to thoroughly clean your curtains and blinds.

3. Mattresses

Did you know that it’s not enough to wash your bedsheets and keep your bedroom tidy?

You also have to vacuum your mattress with an upholstery attachment. Try to fit this job into your cleaning schedule as often as you can.

4. Under Your Bed

Just because you can’t see dust and debris under your bed doesn’t mean there aren’t any.

Dust and dirt can quickly collect underneath your bed which can be irritating for allergy sufferers. Having a dust removing HEPA vacuum is a great solution.

5. Your Broom

Your broom can collect lots of dust and hair. Unlike a vacuum cleaner, this dirt doesn’t have anywhere to go. Vacuum your broom as often as possible. 

Use a vacuuming tool to remove any dust and dirt from your broom. If you’re not sure of which brooms will do the dirty work for you, then our review of the best brooms is a great read.

6. Your Furniture

Vacuuming furniture every week is a must to having a clean home. Even if you can’t see the dust, don’t neglect vacuuming your furniture. Use a vacuum attachment to remove dust, germs, and pet hair from your furniture.

7. Computer Keyboard

Your computer keyboard is something that’s not typically cleaned, let alone vacuumed.

Simply using a vacuum tool to clean your keyboard won’t do any harm. 

computer keyboard getting cleaned


You’ll remove dust and crumbs from your keyboard which will improve the air where you use your computer the most. 

8. Window Sills

Not only should you use a cloth to clean your window sill, also vacuum this area.

Vacuuming this area can reduce allergens from blowing around the room. 

Common Vacuuming Mistakes

Vacuuming seems simple, but if you make these vacuuming mistakes, your cleaning effort won't lead to a clean environment.

Apart from not using the right attachments and not taking your time, here are a 10 common vacuuming mistakes you should know about.

  1. Vacuuming with a dirty filter
  2. Waiting to empty the bag until it is full
  3. Not using the vacuum attachments
  4. Not vacuuming in both directions
  5. Not dusting surfaces beforehand
  6. You forget to move furniture and objects
  7. You don’t take care of your vacuum
  8. Vacuuming too quickly
  9. Not adjusting your vacuum’s height
  10. Waiting until you can see the dust

Signs of Improper Vacuuming

Here are a handful of signs showing you that you're not vacuuming properly.

  1. Dark lines on your carpet
  2. Your home is always dirty
  3. Your socks get dirty from just walking around the house
  4. Your home has an “old house smell” even though it isn’t old
  5. Indoor allergies that don’t go away
  6. High-traffic carpet areas look dark and dirty

How To Properly Vacuum Your Car

Vacuuming your car can be a hassle, but after watching this short video, you’ll have a clean car in no time. 

Wrapping Things Up

You now know how to use a vacuum cleaner, the right way to vacuum, places to vacuum more often, common vacuuming mistakes, and more. 

We wrote in-depth reviews on the best vacuum cleaners and stain removers that will help you pick the best cleaners and have confidence in what you’re using to keep your living space clean.

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